Video storytelling is an important part of my journalistic experience. I’m passionate about composing shots, creating nice story arcs and playing around with editing and effects. I have done wedding videography, event packages, and briefly dabbled in 360/VR video production. My current focus is on short editorial videos and social videos, but I’m trying to make more aesthetic and creative pieces to challenge my skills and vision in the long run.

  • Software: Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro X
  • Camera: Canon EOS 80D, Sony Alpha a6000, Google Pixel 2


Art x Tech in Chicago – Medill Newsmakers Show

A 15-minute, line-produced TV show using Rundown Creator. Ideation, pitching, sourcing, shooting, anchoring and post-production are all done by myself. The show explores the intersection of art, science and technology in the Chicago context.

Impact Investing Showcase 2019: Moneymaker or Do-gooder?

An event video introducing the idea of impact investing and its significance in the Chicago context

NowPow: A Health Startup’s Mission and Vision

A social video introducing NowPow, a women-led tech startup that aims to make community resources available to everyone in Chicago neighborhoods

A Taste of Afro-Brazilian Culture

A lesson in how to make authentic Afro-Brazilian dishes for Brazilian culture lovers

Rock Ahead, Beware

A 20-minute documentary of a Chinese student rock band and its journey leading up to a big live concert

To a Larger Pool

A 7-minute documentary profiling a freshman varsity swimmer who is balancing school and athletic life.

Fool’s Flotilla 2017

A 360 video for a fun, neighborly festival on the river in Madison, Wisconsin





Vox Explainers, Al Jazeera documentaries, Frontline, VICE, WIRED, Tasty Japan